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Monday, May 02, 2005

UI Imitating With Avalon

I've finally gotten my desktop system all set up and ready to go. I ran into a few problems with viruses on the network. With only SP1 installed by default from my installation CD, my system was vulnerable to attack and the virus was able to propagate to it on three seperate occasions, each time forcing me to format. I finally decided to go searching through the moving boxes for my antivirus and firewall CD's which seemed to do the trick.

I've decided to start of my Avalon escapades by recreating this Longhorn Contact window from one of the PowerPoint presentations from PDC 2003. I would have liked to have jumped right into my first real project, however Indigo templates are currently only offered on Visual Web Developer Express and I've only got C# Express at the moment. The next CTP of Avalon and Indigo isn't too far off either, so by the time it arrives, I'll hopefully have the UI for my first project all done and ready to go. I'll post some screenshots as I get more of the UI done. So far I've gotten the top marroon bar completed with some minute effects to make it appear like it has some depth. I'm currently working on styling the listbox. Once that's done I'll have to find some images that I can use for each of the tasks (New Contact, Edit Contact, etc.) If anyone has any recommendations on where to find some for this project, please contact me.

I've come to really appreciate XAMLPad. Being able to see what you are creating on the fly is a very productive feature. That being said, it does lack a needed feature. Intellisense would be nice, as I've had to flip back and forth between XAMLPad and C# Express to figure out what properties are exposed on different objects. I've tried to use Chris Anderson's AVPad, however I haven't been successful in getting it to work. It simply reports an error.


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