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Monday, April 18, 2005

Visual Studio Beta 2 And March 2005 CTP

After uninstalling the February CTP of Visual C# Express, as well as the .NET 2.0 Framework, Avalon, Indigo and WinFX CTP's, I installed the Visual C# Beta 2 release. That worked fine, and it also installed the newer build of the .NET 2.0 Framework. I then proceeded with the March 2005 CTP installation. I was successful in installing the older build of the .NET Framework along side the newer build as they are installed into separate folders. When attempting to install Avalon however, the installation reported that the older build (installed along side the newer build) was required for the installation of Avalon. It's also been reported on the newsgroups (after I attempted this unfortunately) that the Beta 2 of Visual Studio SKU's and the March 2005 CTP are not compatible.

I've asked on the newsgroups, and hopefully a Microsoft employee will be able to shed some light on my inquiry, if there will be a CTP drop of WinFX, Avalon and Indigo soon so that Beta 2 will be able to be used to develop for these platform technologies. I'll blog about the result when I get work from the powers that be. My guess is that if they plan on releasing a CTP in synch with Beta 2, which is what I remember a Microsoft employee stating some time back, then it will likely come on the 25th of April when Microsoft WinHEC begins, as well as when the next build of Longhorn will be available.


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