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Friday, April 15, 2005

Building Up Steam

It seems that Microsoft is building up all kinds of steam today. A new video on Avalon, a couple of interviews focused on Longhorn, and now this! Two more interviews with Jim Alchin are avialable from CRN and PC Magazine. Also, as reported on Channel 9, everyone should be watching StartSomethingPC. This site contains a teaser video and an RSS feed which I will be watching closely. The theme of the page closely resembles that of Longhorn's Slate theme, however we will just have to wait to find out if the two are associated in any way.

Good news for those seeking information on Longhorn, Channel 9 has reported that Sean Alexander has just announced that he has been working on Longhorn for the past couple of months.

More news on Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1, apparently it is to be released "very, very soon." I'm assuming that this means either sometime today, or on Monday. As with everything else that I'm tracking, the only thing to do is "wait and see."

I just found this as well through Channel 9, Thomas Hawk's encounter with Jim Alchin and a few other bloggers. Some good information in his write-up, including confirmation that Longhorn will have a Media Center version.


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