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Thursday, March 17, 2005

WinFX SDK Info

The March CTP Bits (WinFX SDK) have not been released to the general public yet, however I have found some information and resources that will hopefully give you something to do until they are. Apparently the WinFX comes in at a hefty 444.67MB according to Michael Swanson's Blog. He also informs us that the WinFX SDK work properly with the Visual Studio 2005 CTP. If you take a look at the release notes, it seems that you would be better off using the Visual Studio 2005 Professional CTP as it seems to have fewer issues.

If you were thinking of installing the Visual Studio 2005 CTP right now as you're waiting for the WinFX SDK to be released, you should probably hold off. The previous release had a very specific installation order. I'd recommend holding off just to be safe!

As a future note, I've read on the Microsoft newsgroups that this release of the WinFX SDK will not work with Beta 1 of Visual Studio 2005 (Whidbey), nor will it work with the future release of Whidbey Beta 2. There will be a separate release of the WinFX SDK CTP later in the spring that will be compatible with Whidbey Beta 2.

Update: I should have assumed this, but the Visual Studio 2005 Professional CTP is only available to MSDN subscribers. I discovered this while attempting to find a link to the manual installation package. Due to this discovery, I will be using the CTP version of Visual C# Express. Visual Basic Express will apparently also work with the March WinFX SDK.


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