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Monday, March 21, 2005

Indigo Day Keynote

Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch all of the VS Live! Indigo Day videos as I was busy working on a syntax analyzer/parser for a school assignment. I was however, able to watch the Keynote which was quite interesting on its own. It started off speaking about the trend of service oriented architecture (SOA) that applications are heading towards and how Indigo facilitates this trend.

There were two things that I really found interesting in this Keynote. The first was a quick comparison showing how much easier it is to add security, reliable messaging and transactions to a hello world application. Here is the breakdown:
Using Visual Studio .NET 2003 - 56,296 lines of code
Using Visual Studio .NET 2003 and WSE - 27,321 lines of code
Using Visual Studio .NET 2005 and Indigo - 3 lines of code

This is quite impressive. In order to add features to your application such as reliable messaging, transactions, and security all you must do is decorate your code and use a configuration file.

This brings me to the second interesting item in the Keynote, and I really think that everyone should take a look at this to trully understand how easy it is to add security and other features to your service oriented applications. Ari Bixhorn gives a great demo of an application used by doctors in a hospital environment to monitor patient vital signs. Load up the keynote video and seek forward until the 25 minute point. The demo is about 15 minutes long and demonstrates the simplicity of decorating code much better than I ever could. I'll try and watch the remainder of the video's tomorrow and let you know what I find out.


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