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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Indigo Crash Course

I've been reading up on the WinFX SDK Documentation while waiting for the general release of the March CTP Bits and came across this article on Providing and Consuming an Indigo Service. The article shows how easy it is to create a simple service, and then have it consumed by a client application. The power and flexibility behind Indigo alone will enable anyone to create service oriented applications with relative ease. With the addition of a couple of tags to your code, any class and its select methods can be exposed as a Web Service.

This is the only Indigo example I have taken a look at, and I've accumulated a minimal amount of network programming, however it pretty much removes all of the complexity that previously came with designing such applications. After briefly looking around at a few articles, it seems that in order to enable SOAP with Reliable Messaging or to utilize and alternative transport, you must simply add a simple binding property to a configuration file.

On a side note, I have enabled comments to all users as opposed to requiring people to register with Blogger in order to do so. I welcome any feedback or suggestions that anyone might have. Anything that you would like to see once the March CTP Bits are released to the general public?


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